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World GeoDatasets Acquired by SIL International

On June 30, 2017 World GeoDatasets was acquired by SIL International, the publishers of Ethnologue, Languages of the World.


About World GeoDatasets

The World GeoDatasets site provides the highest quality geographic datasets for the GIS professional who needs international shapefile data to use within an ArcGIS-compatible software environment.  We strive to ensure that these datasets are the most accurate, up-to-date and reliable data sets of their kind.


We work closely with the best available soures and key partners to ensure that we deliver the highest quality data. For instance, the World Language Mapping System results from a long-term partnership with SIL, the world's leading linguistic research organization and publisher of the Ethnologue, "an encyclopedic reference work cataloging all of the world’s known living languages."

World GeoDatasets are continuously maintained and updated. Each specific dataset has its own update release schedule; please contact us for information about planned release dates.

World GeoDatasets are published and copyrighted by Global Mapping International, a leading provider of international GIS data and services since 1983.

If you have any questions or concerns, or to report an error or update in any of our datasets, please contact us. Thank you.


About Global Mapping International

Global Mapping International (GMI), the original publisher of World GeoDatasets, was a California corporation founded in 1983. They moved to Colorado Springs in 1991. They ceased business operations on June 30, 2017.


GMI provided the highest quality international geographic data sets, with an emphasis on ethnic, linguistic, religious and cultural data. They were perhaps best known for their World Language Mapping System.


They worked closely with ESRI for more than 25 years and GMI was an ESRI business partner beginning in 2002.