World Factbook GeoDatabase

Factbook World Factbook GeoDatabase

World Factbook GeoDatabase

Cross-national data for GIS and database applications


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The World Factbook Geodatabase delivers the data from the well-respected CIA World Factbook in a format that can be directly incorporated into a GIS system.  Tables in Microsoft Access (.mdb) format can also be used for analysis in a database system.   


Cartographers and reseachers in the fields of geography, political science, economics, and others will find this product highly useful in creating thematic maps from the World Factbook's wealth of cross-national data.

Major features:

  • Conversion of CIA World Factbook quantitative data into ESRI Personal Geodatabase format
  • All rank order tables and some numeric-valued field tables are converted.  See documentation for details.
  • Dates and notes are preserved
  • Country geometry corresponding to Factbook entities
  • Layer files and sample maps simplify Factbook-based thematic mapping
  • Updated to July 2010

System requirements

  • GIS software capable of reading ESRI Personal Geodatabase format or database software capable of reading Microsoft (.mdb) format
  • Windows system to run self-extracting .exe installation files. This need not be the computer running the GIS system, but must be able to write data to a location accessible by the GIS system.

All other technical specifications can be found in the following PDF document:

pdficon_small.gif World Factbook Geodatabase documentation